Guaranteed on time delivery

Company Profile

Engaged as the leading wholesale dealers and producers of Stainless Steel Products, Gayatri Tube India, is a partnership-based company. We are delighted to introduce Gayatri Tube India as one of Stainless Steel & Metal Products ' leading stockist, importer, manufacturer in India. We are a big importer of steel products from Stainless Steel Tubing, Stainless Steel Tube, Stainless Steel Flange and more. Established in the year 1948, We at Gayatri Tubes, aim to give our consumers reliable and high-caliber goods which are on an equal footing with their preferences and needs.

Largest Inventory

We house a gigantic Inventory, that provides a vast range of Stainless Steel Products in all grades and measurements, and covers many types of Stainless Steel Sheets and Plates. Our Range Center stores products to satisfy consumers ' immediate needs in the local area and this is supported by bulk supplies stored in a regional warehouse.


We're making sure our goods use the finest quality components. Along with shipping, we provide the Goods Check Certification. Our specialist teams are concerned about the quality of the products. Attached to every single piece are check certificates and records such as Raw Materials Certificate, Third Party Inspection Reports, and Mechanical Testing Certificates.

Ontime Deliveries

Gayatri Tubes India aims to supply its consumers on schedule. Every order issued is prepared by managers in order to avoid shortages and also to perform faster. Our objective is to maintain the quality of our inventory with the ability to export bulk stainless steel products globally. We have also grown our coast to a degree where we provide on-time Deliveries of stainless steel goods mostly in bulk abroad.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Gayatri Tubes India's main priority; hence, we aim for consistent quality improvement, striving to be on an equal footing with international standards of quality. Being the best producers we strive to produce products of outstanding and good quality that meet the high-quality standards and specifications. These criteria are recognized internationally when providing the loyalty of the organization to its client.